Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Today I feel a scratching in my throat... Wait... I think it must be time for a..... GLOBAL SICK DAY" - co-founder of PG

Welcome to the home of the Phoenix Group

Global Sick Day coming to a world near you... Stay tuned for date...

Who are we?
1. We are strong advocates of a 4 day work week also known as a 3 day weekend. Most people work too many hours a day anyway...
2. We are believers in mutual respect. We respect out employers and we ask that they do the same...
3. We believe in an ancient ceremony known as the Global Sick Day. (See below for more information)...

Global Sick Day or GSD to Financial and Tech Folk
The ancient holiday known as the Global Sick Day. Sometimes called GSD by tech folk. Whether you call it by the full name or the shortened version it's a glorious day passed down from generation to generation. It allows us to remind ourselves that we're in CONTROL of OUR own future. First celebrated by a cavemen called Bob sometime after the dinosaurs had been destroyed by Adam and Eve.... (some of the facts in this snippet have been made up)

Ok so who we aren't
1. We are not anarchists... (That would require way too much work)
2. We are not here to cause harm anyone any harm... (Quite the opposite. We are here to make people feel better)
3. We are not bad lovers... (I'm not anyway)

On a serious note
If you are sick of the same old routine day in and day out then do something that will make you feel proud and empowered. Take the Global Sick Day test and see for yourself. It's wonderful to take back what used to be ours - TIME.

Some ideas on how to spend your Global Sick Day...
1. Stay home and play with your kids
2. Stay home and play with your partner(s).
3. Do a project around the house. Nothing too heavy though, remember you're sick.
4. Call an old friend and meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three.
5. Stay in bed and watch day time TV.
6. Go online and buy a GSD TShirt with your name on it. (Coming Soon)

Please send us your Ideas for your Global Sick Day and we will post them... Keep it clean(ish)